Emerald Isle Parade and Pub Crawl


Paddy’s day is quite fun in my area of Lee’s Summit MO.

We get real into it here with activities for kids and adults. There is a gold coin hunt for the kids, a parade and floats going by. My children love to do it every year. St. Paddys day is big in our household. The kids usually get temporary green dye put in their hair. We get beaded necklaces and get into the spirit. Once the kids go to bed I have my parents watch over them. Then my husband and I do the pub crawl. It is fun going pub to pub boozing it up and having a good time. It is the one time a year that we don’t act like responsible parents. We get a hotel room for the night since we are so hammered. The two of us then have a great evening together while my parents watch the kids.the morning after is another thing all together. We usually are so hungover that my husband has to throw up on the side of the road as we head home. I still look forward to it all year. I know my kids love St. Paddys day too. Even the school does fun things for the holiday. Everything is all green, gold and silver. I alway shop for good weather during that week. The weather is typically in the 50s however. For our area though, in March that is quite good. A light jacket, our little space heater running at home and everytnign is all good.


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