Dual fuel system is ideal for Birmingham

I live in Birmingham, AL & I have wanted to own a heat pump so badly. A heat pump is a two for one system… You get one unit that can give heating & cooling. How it does is by moving existing heat energy! The heat pumps from outside to inside in the winter. It utilizes the ground temperature that is respectfully warmer. Here is the snag though. If your winter temps get lower than 40 degrees, the air is simply not sizzling enough. You can’t heat your house. In Birmingham, AL, there are three months out of the year that get days in the 30s. That would be awful! I debated on using space furnaces for supplemental heating however the boost on my electric bill would be too much, and so after that I talked to my local Birmingham, AL Heating & Air Conditioning dealer. Tech girl advised a hybrid heating system or also known as a dual fuel system. This combines a heat pump & gas heating system to work for the AL weather. For most of the year my heat pump is the one that is laboring. I have ideal air conditioner & most of the time good heat. Then when the days get cold, the unit swings to gas & the heating system operates. I never suffer from a cold winter night. I don’t get as efficient of results however that is the best I can hope for with my cold weather. I like that I don’t even have to push a button or toggle a switch for the unit to change heaters.

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