Downtown Denver traffic was a bad experience

Thursdays are a single of the busiest afternoons to labor at the marijuana dispensary in Denver, then i have been working as a marijuana dispensary delivery driver for the past numerous months.

I learn about $100 every single night that I work, however that amount is just the tips that I receive.

I also get paid a generous hourly wage. I labor every single weekend on Friday night, all afternoon Thursday, plus all afternoon Thursday. The last couple of weekends have been actually busy plus deliveries have been difficult to make. The Denver Broncos have played at home the last couple of weeks. I often have to travel past the venue. The marijuana dispensary is only a couple of blocks away from the venue, when traffic is busy, deliveries can take up to an hour; Last Thursday a single of our respected customers was uneasy because the delivery took a long time. The girl called the store to order cannabis products at 2 p.m. I left the store at 2:30, but traffic was backed up for miles. I did not get to the address until almost 3:30, plus the client was waiting outside when I arrived. The girl said she was waiting to go to the Denver Broncos game. I did not understand why the girl did not go to the dispensary on her way to the game. It seemed love it would be much easier than waiting for the delivery girl to arrive in busy traffic. The client knew it would take awhile, especially on a game afternoon Thursday.

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