Don’t make the mistake of trying to sneak in weed products into MI Stadium

My dad took myself and others to our first University of MI pigskin game when I was 8 years old.

I’ll never forget the feeling I had walking into MI Stadium for the first time and seeing all of the seats around myself and others in every single direction. It’s entirely intimidating if you’ve never been in a big arena love that before. MI Stadium is the largest arena in both the US and the entire western hemisphere, and the third largest arena in the entire world. While original seating for the arena was around 80,000 upon completion, today it seats over 100,000. Aside from the expense of seeing games in MI Stadium and the sheer capacity of people inside at any given moment, there’s also a ton of security. You can’t get away with smoking or using vape pens, and the same goes for cannabis. No matter how permissive Ann Arbor Police may be with cannabis for person consumption, that doesn’t fly in the Big House. You could get kicked out for trying to sneak a cannabis oil pen inside. I had a friend who was ejected for doing this. Someone saw him whip out his vape pen and he was reported within minutes. He’s allowed to go back for future games, however they nearly banned him for good after giving him a stern lecture about using any kind of inhalation products inside the arena. The University of MI pigskin games are monitored by constant security, making it a big gamble to sneak inside cannabis vaporizer products love vape pens and oil cartridges.

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