Difficult driving

I’ve been looking for a new marijuana delivery driver for the past numerous weeks.

I have interviewed a couple of qualified candidates.

One of the men could have been a fantastic fit, even though he had a record… The other guy didn’t show up when I tied up him for a minute interview. The last driver quits, because he could not handle the traffic. The San Francisco marijuana delivery service is one of the busiest in all of the Bay Area; Both of us service all of San Francisco, including above and below the bridges. The San Francisco marijuana delivery service charges a fee for each order and our drivers get paid well. Traffic can be a nightmare and periodically drivers get stuck; When the last driver ended up making no cash 3 afternoons in a row, he quit on the spot. I have a couple of interviews this week. One is a person that used to work at a marijuana dispensary in Half Moon Bay. That city is a short distance South of San Francisco, however it’s a really tied up venue during the Summer when tourists fill the beaches. Another person is a pizza delivery driver already, then she actually knows the city pretty well already. I am hoping to find someone qualified that wants to work. There are only a few more weeks until pride month starts and that is the beginning of the busiest season for us. If I do not sell the spot for a delivery driver soon, I might absolutely need to double as a driver and the manager until I can get someone to fill the spot.

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