Denver marijuana laws are attractive to tourists

Denver’s lenient marijuana laws are very attractive to visitors and tourists.

Denver has had legal marijuana since 2014 when the laws were passed.

In Denver, any adult that is over the age of 21 can purchase and possess marijuana. You can consume marijuana in private and inside of your own home, but it is still illegal to use marijuana in public. There are lots of different marijuana dispensaries located within diversity limits. Some of them are creatively named and refer to the city by its nickname of the mile high city. Dispensaries offer lots of different products and you can purchase just about anything from marijuana flower to edibles and concentrates as long as you have proof that you are over the age of 21. My friends and I frequently go to Denver because of the fact that recreational marijuana it is legal there. We don’t live in a state that allows recreational marijuana, but it’s easy to go to Denver for the weekend and the 6-hour drive isn’t that bad when there are a couple of people with a license. You can usually find a cheap place to stay in the city and there are lots of places in Denver where you can see a show or listen to a band for free. Denver’s marijuana accessibility is attractive to tourists, but so are all of the other fun and interesting places around the city. Sometimes it’s nice to simply watch one of the professional sports teams play. Sporting events and tailgating happen in the NFL, NHL. and the MLB. The city has something for everyone.

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