Crazy things happen at the cannabis dispensary

During the last 7 weeks, I have worked as an employee at a downtown Seattle marijuana dispensary as well as delivery service.

The Seattle dispensary is open for corporation 7 afternoons each week, however all of us offer in-store shopping and pick up as well as delivery services, but i recently started laboring on the night shift.

A lot of unusual as well as spooky things have been occurring at night. I told my boss about the things that are happening as well as he laughed! One time I was in the storage room as well as a box fell in front of me for no reason at all. Another time I was grabbing concentrates out of the refrigerator as well as the door shut on me as well as it would not open; Something was literally leaning against the glass door trying to keep me inside of the refrigerator. The crazy things only seem to happen when no 1 else is around as well as I am starting to believe a little frightened. I will not go someplace in the Seattle dispensary unless there is another man with me. I looked up some information about the building where the dispensary is located. The building has been there since the 1890s. It has had a facelift while both of us were in the last 130 years, however the building has been there for a while. 50 years ago, the Seattle dispensary was a cabin for the criminally insane; People used to be housed in the building that were absolutely crazy as well as deranged as well as maybe the Seattle dispensary is a hotspot for ghosts as well as paranormal interest. I could make thoUnited Statesnds If I could snap a picture of the ghost at work.

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