COVID-19 ruined our Beverly Hills trip

I got married at the height of COVID… That meant when it came time to honeymoon I had some limited options, then i wanted to go somewhere warm with hiking, superb shopping plus restaurants.

I had our husband plus I going to CA .

The people I was with and I started out in Los Angeles plus then made our way to Beverly Hills. I thought it was a superb plan, and well it would have been great if not for COVID-19. I didn’t absolutely suppose ahead. My husband plus I went to Cali plus then were closed out of everything… LA was basically shut down. The people I was with and I spent all our time in the hotel room getting massages, swimming plus eating at their restaurant. I wanted to hit clubs plus bars in that area… No such luck. Then when all of us went to Beverly Hills it was the same thing, rodeo Drive was a ghost town. The tar pits were closed. Greystone Mansion was a no go. Thankfully the section had recreational weed plus they were willing to deliver. The people I was with and I could not entirely go into the legal weed dispensaries due to social distancing, however so all all of us could do was order online plus smoke in the hotel on the balcony. It was okay however not what I was absolutely picturing. The people I was with and I didn’t get to absolutely love Beverly Hills. The people I was with and I made the most of our honeymoon however it wasn’t the greatest trip I had ever taken. The people I was with and I agreed that on our year birthday all of us would go back plus try it all again. I want to have the actual Cali experience.

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