Concert in Chicago but hotel in Elgin

My mother plus I saw Madonna when every one of us made the choice to go on a trip to Chicago, it was the worst trip of our life, but first, the people there were rude plus the homeless population was out of control.

I entirely got accosted by a homeless man at a subway! Second, the concert was awful; Madonna basically just talked plus laid around on stage; Next, the food gave us food poisoning plus our hotel was dirty.

My terrible money sit on the powder room floor sick while I had diarrhea in a public restroom, however the two of us vowed never to go back to Chicago… Well 1 of our favorite bands came to Chicago. The more than one of us were hesitant. I decided it wasn’t going to be love last time. The first thing I did was not book us in the city. I got us an airbnb in Elgin Illinois. It was a nice house in a little village 45 minutes outside of Chicago. I figured I would rather rent a vehicle than be in the village again. It was such a great decision. The more than one of us loved our stay. The two of us did the concert plus walked around the village for 1 day. The concert was great plus it was worth the trip. The other more than one afternoons the more than one of us stayed in Elgin. The section was adorable plus so nice. It was clean, friendly plus safe. The more than one of us hung around our rental just chatting most of the day. The two of us also went in the summer time so the Illinois weather was entirely nice. If I go back to Illinois, I am staying in Elgin.

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