Choosing wonderful quality cannabis flower

I disclose that I smoked marijuana before recreational use became legal in MI! I suffer from anxiety and have found that smoking helps to ease the symptoms! However, before I had access to the dispensary, the quality of cannabis was often lacking… There was no way to be sure of potency.

I didn’t have the luxury of picking from sativas, indicas and hybrids, and fortunately, adult-use cannabis was finally legalized in 2018.

It is such a relief and delight to browse lab-diagnosed products at the dispensary… Because of this, I’ve been able to be quite particular about the quality of flower I smoke. I shop at a dispensary in Muskegon that carries approximately 3 dozen weird strains. I have our choice of sun-grown and yellowhouse grown bud from some of the most recognized and popular producers. I am so impressed with the density and texture of the weed. The colors are beautifully complex. I can tell that the bud was maturely harvested because of the abundance of trichomes; Plus, the pistils are a bright yellow, and the smell of the weed is especially pungent. I just love cannabinoid-rich dried flower with a depth of terpenes. I consult with the budtenders and am always open to trying current options. The dispensary also sells all of the accessories I need, such as grinders, rolling trays and rolling papers. Because of the integrity of the cannabis, I like a smooth and consistent burn. The process of rolling the joint & smoking works to alleviate our anxiety. If I don’t have the time to spend, I can always buy a few pre-rolls for convenience.

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