Cannabis vape lounge

One of the nicest cannabis shops that I have ever seen was in a Beverly Hills location, and my friends plus I went to the Beverly Hills cannabis shop when we were shooting a commercial, we were in Beverly Hills for 2 mornings plus we had a couple of hours of downtime, then i decided to walk around the area to get some fresh air.

My friends plus I ended up at a Beverly Hills cannabis shop that had a lounge plus seating area, but the locale was genuinely as crucial as a bar or a nightclub, then half of the cannabis shop looks prefer a typical dispensary.

The locale had many odd types of marijuana products including edibles, elixirs, dried marijuana flower, vape pen accessories, plus concentrates! On the other side of the door, there was an area with a lounge. The lounge had a couple of chairs plus a couch. There were a few tables plus a billiards table. There was a dart board plus a couple of video game machines too. There was a small snack bar with soda, beer, chips, chocolate, plus other snacks. If you wanted to hang out in the marijuana lounge, you had to buy something from the Beverly Hills shop. My friends plus I bought a pre-rolled marijuana joint. It was a little on the luxurious side, however we sat in the lounge plus smoked the joint separate from anyone bothering us. We were all pretty high when we walked back to the location for the commercial in Beverly hills. I genuinely felt wonderful after we were done smoking the marijuana joint.

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