Cannabis topicals for arthritis

There is no high sensation, and the topicals don’t smell like medicine

About two years ago, I started having issues with arthritis in my hands. My knuckles swelled up and became stiff and painful. I was forced to cut the rings off my fingers. I struggled to pull weeds in the garden, braid my hair and type on the keyboard. Since my job involves a great deal of computer work, arthritis was a big problem. At first, I tried natural remedies such as eating yellow raisins soaked in gin. I started taking turmeric and magnesium and got some relief. I was unwilling to take any kind of pharmaceutical that could result in long-term and harmful side-effects. I was also unwilling to spend the money on a doctor’s visit and prescription. Because I don’t have health insurance, I really couldn’t afford medical treatment. A friend of mine suggested that I try cannabis. At first, I was a bit reluctant. I didn’t see how smoking a joint and getting high was going to help with my arthritis. Then I did some research and learned that CBD works to treat inflammation and pain. CBD is one of the many cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. It’s gaining notoriety for its many curative properties. When I visited the dispensary in Whitehall and explained to the budtender what I was looking for, he immediately suggested I try topicals. I hadn’t realized there was such a thing as a cannabis-infused topical. The cannabinoids in balms and lotions interact with receptors in the surface of the skin. The terpenes absorb into the skin to provide further relief. There is no high sensation, and the topicals don’t smell like medicine. I’ve noticed a huge improvement. I have less stiffness, swelling and soreness now.
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