Bethlehem, PA business owners pay higher prices on their electric bills

I have lived in many parts of the country however by far, I loved residing in Bethlehem, PA the most… Although it’s the desert and it took some time to get used to the dry heat, after I did, I thoroughly loved residing there; I remember one of the first outdoor activities I did was to go ATV riding in the desert; This was a brand modern experience for me and I immediately fell in cherish with the area, but bethlehem, PA has a lot to offer from its many parks to the mountains to the desert, there was a lot to explore.

And I loved all the hiking that I did! One of my favorites was the hike to see the stunning Havasu Falls.

This is located a few hours outside of Phoenix and the drive and the difficult hike was worth it to see that gorgeous aquamarine waterfall. Though Bethlehem, PA was a great experience, residing in the desert can be lavish. Bethlehem, PA residents pay more on their utility bill than the average resident in the country. And of course, that makes sense since it’s one of the hottest cities in the country. In fact, on average, Bethlehem, PA has temperatures of 100 degrees between July and September every year, which means the cooling systems are always running on high during these months. It’s one of the only ways to keep safe and comfortable when the weather is tepid outside. Of course, while I lived in Bethlehem, PA, my cooling system was my favorite equipment. And I didn’t mind paying a higher amount for my comfort. I miss residing in Bethlehem, PA, but I will return soon because I miss going on those hiking excursions.


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