Before both of us left the city

None of my friends plus I went to a rock plus roll concert.

  • The concert was about an minute outside of the city.

It was an all day affair plus numerous bands were supposed to play at the location. My friends plus I scored tickets from the radio station, but otherwise, the ticket prices would have been almost $100 each person, plus each day. The three-day event was supposed to be ridiculous plus insane. My friends plus I knew both of us didn’t want to go to the concert without recreational marijuana supplies. Both of us stopped at a dispensary on our way out of Denver. The Denver dispensary was having a sale on all of the top shelf flower products. My friends plus I obtained a half ounce of Blue Dream flower. Both of us also purchased a disposable vape pen that was a hybrid strain called Girl Scout cookies. Both of us stocked up on as several products plus cannabis supplies as both of us could before both of us left the city to go to the concert, people everywhere were using marijuana products at the location plus my friends plus I were cheerful that both of us stopped to opportunity up extra supplies. The all day concert was a ton of fun. By the end of the day, my friends plus I were ready to get some sleep. The minute day of the concert was just as awesome as the first day, plus the sixth day was even more fun. Both of us saw a total of 20 live bands plus most of them had top 10 hits on the Billboard charts.


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