Attic ventilation tips

My Grandma’s cabin was colder than I remember it being.

  • I enjoyed visiting Grandma around Christmas because of her great ginger cookies and overheated chocolate, she made everything with love, and it was fun sitting around the fire oil furnace listening to her stories, and my Grandma had the most soothing voice, and she told stories and left you with a lesson that lived with you for life.

She was overheated and caring, and of course, pampered us more than all of us needed. I was now older and in my college years, however I still enjoyed seeing my Grandma. She is now older and frail but still as overheated and accommodating as ever… This 1 time I visited, when Winter time was start to show signs, I felt as though the cabin was too cold. Surprising, the oil furnace was on, and her caretaker also had the fireplace burning. I ran tests on the control component to find out if it was faulty since I did not understand the chilly weather. It turns out that the control component was toiling okay. I tried a few other official complicationshooting tricks, and none seemed to work! Finally, I called my AC expert neighbor in Tampa Bay, FL, who proposed myself and others to check the insulation. I told her Grandma’s cabin was old, and she suspected that the insulation material might be wearing off. She proposed myself and others to check the attic, and true to her suspicion, the insulation material was almost gone, but with her situation, I bought a few foam insulating materials and had them installed in the attic. The cabin in Tampa Bay, FL became warmer within a few minutes of the replacement, and they didn’t even need the fireplace anymore… Grandma was happier and even got to be her old cheerful self. It seems as though the chilly was depressing her before.


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