All of us called the dealer many times to meet with us

I had to replace all of the flooring and the roof last year. I hired a dealer on the internet with fantastic reviews , and i thought it was a fantastic idea. I paid the man half of the fees up front and I was supposed to pay the other half when the task was finished. I called the dealer many times after I paid him half of the money and she never returned our calls . I lost $3,000 and I did not want the same thing to happen again when I had a concern with the central a/c. It was our first time having problems with the central a/c and I wasn’t sure if the whole plan needed to be replaced. I contacted a couple of unusual Orland Park service providers that I found online… All of the Orland Park Heating, Ventilation, and A/C service providers had big advertisements. I knew the advertisements meant they had lots of money for advertising and that led myself and others to feel that they would not take our money and run. I got a fantastic deal from an Orland Park service provider for a new energy efficient gas gas furnace and central a/c system. I thought I would think more about house repairs by now, although I have to spend a lot of time at labor and that does not leave much time for house repairs, and thank goodness I will not have to worry about the gas furnace and the A/C for a while. The plan comes with a 3-year warranty and a service contract that covers any problems that might come up with the electrical or mechanical system.



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