A neighborhood of activitys and smoke

The Mile High City is known for its amazing activitys teams and its equally incredible cannabis dispensaries… Truth be told there is a lot more than Denver has to offer besides the Broncos and the marijuana, however denver is the greatest neighborhood on earth, and let myself and others tell you why – the people, and in all the sites I have visited over the years, this is the 1 that consistently felt appreciate beach house whenever I passed through. It is a welcoming city, that despite its size has the cozy think of a small town… One of my favorite events of the year is the Denver fan expo and comic book convention. The last time I checked it was 1 of the greatest fan conventions of the year, and at 1 point 1 100,000 people came to Denver for the expo. Denver is a good locale to visit for any kind of convention, show, or concert, both of us officially get the top musical acts in the world to play shows in the Denver arenas. If you can get used to the altitude, then Denver has something fun for every taste. I would be remiss in completely overlooking the strong local cannabis market… For years Denver has been at the forefront of the legalized cannabis movement, something that has benefited the state and its citizens, but legal cannabis has been amazing for Denver and the rest of CO. The cannabis tourism from out of state, combined with all the extras taxes and fees, has generated hundreds of millions of dollars for Denver. That’s something to cheer about.


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