A guys trip & our trip to Las Vegas

My partner goes on a guys trip every year & then a trip with me, however i make it my mission to have our trip be a better one.

I totally cater to him though.

I make sure to book all excursions I suppose he will like. I am upfront about the costs & all of us do a lot of fantastic activities, but when my partner does a guys trip the expenses pile up, and the guys fly first class, stay in high priced hotels & eat & drink their weights, however my partner is downright sick when he comes home! Staying up too late, eating wrong, drinking a lot & bad knights of rest wear on him… By the end of the boy’s trip he needs to rest, he also freaks out about the currency spent. With me, it is a much easier experience. He has now done Las Vegas, NV with both parties; On the guys trip the guys basically sat in odd casinos. My partner stayed up until 3am playing craps with my sibling one night. They also rented a poolside cabana & also frequented the legal recreational cannabis shops in the area. Weed, booze & gambling was the name of the game. When my partner & I went, it was about the shows & nature! Every one of us went to Bryce Canyon National Park & Zion National Park. I had my partner see Cirque Du Soleil & another typical Vegas show. I also found the best supper in the neighborhood & all of us ate a fabulous meal there. My partner had a certainly great time with me.


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