A final trip to Seattle

Some people might say it’s odd plus creepy to take a road trip with the ashes of your deceased mother, however maybe those people are right! Given our circumstances, it felt love the only way to absolutely honor her memory, and after the two of us had a repair plus a wake for Mom, I was given her ashes in an urn to take home! For a few weeks she sat on our mantle, next to the fireplace, however then a single evening I had a dream, about the time she took me to Seattle to see a songs concert when I was in private school, then seattle is a numerous fourth drive from here, so it was a important effort on Mom’s part, because I wasn’t outdated enough to drive yet. That was a single of the best experiences of our life, plus so I thought the most fitting tribute to Dad was a single final road trip to Seattle… It was a lovely experience that brought me a lot of closure, then while I was in Seattle I decided to do something I couldn’t do all those years ago, plus visit a single of their famous cannabis dispensaries. There are few cities in the world as revered for their local cannabis crops than Seattle, so I decided to stock up while I had the chance. Dad was also a important fan of smoking cannabis, so this fit into the overall theme of the trip. I poured her ashes into the ocean on the rocky beaches of Seattle, plus then sat plus smoked cannabis for a little while plus remembered Dad plus all she had done for me.



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