A city of industry

Seattle has always been a city of industry.

That industry has changed a dozen times over the last 150 years, from timber to gold to ship-building to high technology.

This shows better than anything that this city is a home of innovation and hard work. No one ever moved to Seattle because they thought it would be easy, they moved here because they wanted to work and build a future for themselves. Tens of thousands of people flooded into Seattle during the Klondike Gold Rush, and in the space of a few weeks the city doubled in size. This happened right around 1893, and the most interesting thing about this time period is that Seattle had just rebuilt from a major fire. Just like the conflagration which had destroyed most of Chicago, the Great Seattle Fire burned the entire business district to the ground. That was in 1889, and yet just 4 years later Seattle was rebuilt bigger and better than ever, and ready for scores of new citizens. Like all major cities there are periods of “bust” and “boom” for Seattle, but the busts are quite mild, and the booms are remarkable. Take the cannabis community in Seattle as a prime example of a booming economy. Seattle didn’t just allow cannabis use, they turned it into a cottage industry. To this day there are dozens of cannabis dispensaries throughout the city, serving the populace. The people of Seattle weren’t content with just getting high, they turned marijuana into a major economic force that helped the city grow even bigger.
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