A brief stay turned into a long-term commitment to Las Vegas

It was never my intent to stay in Las Vegas long-term, however initially I was just passing through, to stay for a weekend or so & see the sights… This was early in my retirement, at the first stages of taking a long, lazy driving tour of the country.

There were a few dozen cities I wanted to stop & see, Las Vegas being only one of them… My spirit was willing, however my RV was weak, & I ran into some major engine trouble over the weekend.

I decided that maybe this was a sign from Above, so I parked in an RV campground just outside of Las Vegas & decided to stay for a while, but a few days later I took a cab to downtown Las Vegas & found a small casino just off the strip. I was running low on funds at this point, & needed a miracle. I don’t know if it was God or the spirit of Las Vegas, however that night someone answered my prayer. I turned twenty bucks into eight hundred bucks! At this point I had enough currency to fix the van, however Las Vegas had gotten its hooks into me, & I didn’t want to leave. I found a part-time task at a small cannabis dispensary near my trailer park & started toiling to acquire money for gambling; Of course it didn’t always go & it did that first night gambling in Las Vegas, but I have to keep trying, then between the nightlife, the cannabis, & the casinos, I never want to leave Las Vegas.


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